Marketing Guideline and Hints 


This is a simple but effective guideline for marketing. Please read it carefully and follow its recommendations.



Learn how the system works in general


You should be able to register an account and set up a small restaurant. This is easy for people who already know how a restaurant business work, but for someone having no idea about this business, might be a bit confusing. There is a very good help document for Menumiz which is linked to each module and you can learn about the exact module online.

please visit to learn about the Menumiz.

You may also participate in Menumiz webinars or seminars to learn more about Menumiz. 




Learn The Industry Terminology


This is important to know terms and wordings used in the business you are marketing for, you must learn restaurant and dining industry terminology as well as the internet and web terms plus the payment and card industry wordings. Remember that most of the terms used are in abbreviations such as POS, EPOS, F&D POS, PaaS, SaaS, PCI, …



Learn about similar products in the market


A key point for marketing is market awareness and knowing the competitors. By searching restaurant POS in Google, bunch of them will appear. However, you should know more about them particularly used in your market or country. Also, those advertising locally, are the active competitors. Learn their names and brands, read about them and visit their websites. Have a look at the reviews also.



Compare Menumiz with others , find the Menumiz advantages


Here is where you impact the restaurant managers decision. You should explain them WHY THEY NEED MENUMIZ by sharing the facts about Menumiz, its features and give them three reasons to use Menumiz.

NOTE: Never talk about other competitors or compare them with Menumiz , let it happens silently in the mind of the person you are talking to. It is good to know what system the restaurant is using currently to avoid a very direct comparison. (Remember the fact that the person is talking to you is here that he is not happy with the system they are using currently, otherwise they won’t spend time with a freelance marketer!)

Good start: Menumiz Review By The Frisky 




Meet the true persons


This is very critical not to spoil your targets by approaching wrong persons when marketing. For instance, talking to a waiter about the POS is a very big mistake. You have to approach a decision maker in a restaurant or bar who usually is the owner (and may not work in the restaurant) or one of the company directors.

You may find them by searching in company house database, contacting the company secretary or simply asking the restaurant staff who is the director or owner. If it is not easy to approach those people, try the manager or supervisor.


HINT: Social media for the restaurant is controlled by a high-level officer like a director or an owner. So by sending messages on Instagram or Facebook to the restaurant page, you are most likely contacting a key person.





Once you find the true person, all depends on your communication skills. You should read the mind and pinpoint the exact point in the exact moment. Remember to be brief and avoid being talkative. A few short conversation during a week is better than a long conversation in one session. Remember that the person you are trying to convince, needs time to think and search and accept your offer. Combination of meeting, a call, a few WhatsApp text reminders  and an email works better than just a meeting.



Be professional


The reason a restaurant may choose Menumiz , is trusting the fact that Menumiz is better for them according to you. To maintain this fact on, you should act professionally during and even after a successful marketing always. Remember that you are the Menumiz messenger in the eyes of the restaurant owners and managers and hence, they expect you be as good as what you say about Menumiz in all your manners.

Respect the social and business protocols and refrain from going too far. If after a lot of trying they refused and rejected Menumiz, respect their decision and do not get angry. You manner will remain as a tag for Menumiz and they may change their minds in future and contact you back.


HINT: Dress well, Be friendly but not a friend, be honest, say I don't know if you don't know, say sorry of you mistook, never say bad things about competitors or talk about their negative points , do not give value to Menumiz by stultifying and evaluating others.


Menumiz or  any its affiliates or representative companies shall bear no responsibility on any damages or loss  resulting of misunderstanding or misusing of this guidelines . This is at your discretion to research and learn about what you may need to know in a particular situation. These guidelines and the concepts described here are just our recommendations as per our understanding and also valid about our products only, they may not come true if you follow them for marketing or promoting another product.

Safety Guidelines

Your safety is important to us. We encourage you to read our guidelines and follow these advices while trying to promote and do sales and marketing for our products and services as a casual part time independent contractor. However, we bear no responsibility on damages or loss towards you during the time you spend on promoting or marketing our products and services as we consider you as an independent contractor who helps us remotely, casually in a part time basis. Hence you may need to have your own insurance to cover for any damages or loss whether medical or financial as per your local law.

Please follow the below rules always:


  • Do not approach or contact people if you are not sure about their positions in a restaurant or bar.

  • Do not do marketing or promoting our products and services before 9:00AM or after 6:00PM.

  • Do not target restaurants, which are very far from your home.

  • Do not target restaurants in remote areas.

  • Do not meet people out of the restaurants.

  • Do not accept any food or drink while on marketing or promoting our services.

  • Do not accept ride offer from people who you meet in restaurants.

  • Do not accept gifts from people while marketing.

  • Do not offer commission or any cash back to people who you meet.

  • Do not park your car or bike in dark or isolated car parks.

  • Do not leave valuables including your laptop in car.

  • Do not engage in any personal matters with people you meet while marketing.

  • Do not misrepresent our products or mislead the restaurants.

  • Do not bypass other sales persons who are promoting our services.

  • Do not wear shorts, slippers, short skirt, tank top while marketing our products and services.

  • Do not do marketing or promoting our products and services if you are sick, feel not well or have any health problem.

  • Do not do marketing or promoting our products and service in bad weather conditions or whereas there is any hazardous situation.

  • Report to the Police immediately should you encounter any suspicious situation or were offered or asked any illegal request by people while on marketing and promoting our products and services.

Should you have any question about these guidelines, please contact us.