How It works?






You may have seen some restaurants using an iPad or a tablet to get the orders or some leave a tablet on the table for the customers to use. These tablets are actually replacing with the printed physical menus and are getting more popular among restaurants or bars. However, what happens here is like browsing a website and sending a feedback form to a waiting staff who has to manually process the order again.


You may also have encountered with a POS (Point of sales) system particularly if you have worked in a restaurant or a retail shop. POS is actually a system to manage the sale and payments and usually is integrated with an accounting system to keep track of transactions and generate reports.


Some busy restaurants may use a POS which has been integrated with a digital menu on an iPad or tablet and in this case, it is the waiter who uses this tablet and gets the orders while the customer is reading from a printed menu. In such cases, the kitchen might also have some LCD monitor to receive the orders directly from the tablet.


As you see in these scenarios, no customer uses his or her own mobile phone and relies on a hardware which is provided by the restaurant already. Menumiz is among the first solutions to use the customers’ device as a universal digital menu whereas at the same time, it provides a fully comprehensive restaurant management system including POS and payment handling.


Another important factor here is the fact that the restaurant is in charge to create the menu by uploading the photos and keying the information via an online menu creator whereas in some old-fashioned methods, the restaurant has to send the service provider all photos and content and they should make the menu for them and make it live.


As you see, Menumiz is quite unique, powerful and a  game changer in restaurant industry and soon will be available everywhere.


We hope to be able to grow very fast relying on your assistance and efforts in promoting Menumiz. please visit to learn about our products and services. 

How to join?

Desktop users:

You simply need to install the Menumiz app, register a normal user account and then scan the MyMenumiz vacancy QR code and fill up the form. Once we approve your application, then you will have access to MyMenumiz portal via the app itself. 

Mobile users:

Install the latest version of Menumiz app on your device and register an account with Menumiz, then head to using the same device , tap on "Start application" tab on home page  and continue the application on the app.( it will open a hidden page in the app)

MyMenumiz Marketing Schemes explained


MyMenumiz sales and marketing schemes include several global promotion or marketing and sale plans based on casual or part time commission contracts for students which may vary country to country. Each scheme consists of a market, a target, a deadline and a certain commission which are pre-designed by us to fulfil our marketing needs as well as giving us a chance to hire you and share the benefits. Once a scheme is designed and published, all parts are controlled automatically and there is no human interference in handling a scheme.


Market: We define a market based on your address, a market shall mean all restaurants, bars or cafés in your state , city or suburb. We may allocate you the city where you live or the postcode where your home is. Each scheme may use different market model.


Target: A sales person should start promoting or marketing for a certain number of active clients. The numbers of clients who join Menumiz through your marketing and use the system for at least 15  days, will be your target/quota. For instance, in a scheme we ask you to have 10 restaurants ( clients ) on-board before claiming your commission or in another scheme you need to have 5 restaurants joined. Target is the quantity of supposedly successful deals by a sales person in a market.

Please note in case a restaurant drops the system ( due to whatever reason ) within 15 days after using, it will not be considered in your target basket. we need a restaurant to stay with us at least 15 days to consider it an active client. 


Deadline: This is actually the time frame that  the scheme is valid within.


Commission (Pay): This is exactly why you are reading these guidelines! We will pay you a commission upon reaching your targets.

NOTE: Once you add a new restaurant in your list , you have 14 days time to make a deal, otherwise the system will delete it automatically and make it available to other freelancers to try their chance. 



Scheme MyMenumiz Pocket: 3 Restaurants in Sydney , commission AUD 200, deadline 30 March 2019.

This means that you have until 30 March 2019  to introduce at least 3 restaurants to join and use Menumiz system in Sydney and for each 3 restaurants you will get AUD 200 once they use the system for at least 15 days. Please remember that if you make 7 restaurants, you still get commission for the first 3 restaurants as you have not made the next target/quota completed.


Please also note that processing the payment, in some countries  may be subject to a minimum amount which currently is AUD 500 by default. Let’s say if in your scheme the commission is 300 AUD we may not process your payment unless you increase your commission to the minimum payable amount   (AUD 500).


If a scheme is expired and still you have not claimed your commission due to being below the payable amount, you have to join another scheme and continue to earn more commission and meet the minimum payment requirements.


However, these schemes are designed so that  they make sense and easy to manage, we will not ask you do the impossible mission!




MyMenumiz Portal


This portal is actually a hidden section in Menumiz app and will be unveiled once you join our marketing scheme. To start joining the scheme you need to do the following:


1: Go to and scroll down to the footer of the page.

3: Scan the QR code by Menumiz app ( need to install the app first )


Remember that  you will need a mobile to scan and a device to display the QR code, if you do not have  a PC or a laptop, then you have to print the QR and then scan it by the app or use a friend's mobile to display the QR code. 


We may promote the vacancy by sharing the QR on social media as well as through universities, colleges  which most probably they will print and put it at the board.


4: You start the application from the app by filling up the form and submitting it.

5: Once we approve your application, you will be notified by email and also the app notification. (takes 3 days)

6: In the app menu, you will see new tab named “ MyMenumiz Portal “ which is actually you communication channel with us.



Your Account


Once you are assigned a sales person  account, then you are officially a Menumiz independent sales person  and can start working any time. In the portal, you can add new restaurants  (up to 5 at a time) as your “potential clients” . Once you add them to your list, no other sales person can have them and this is now your target and your commission. If another person had listed them before, then you will not be able to add them under your account.


After adding the potential clients, the rest is your art of marketing and negotiation. We will know when the restaurant creates a Menumiz account and join us automatically and there's no need to inform us. The system will change the status of the restaurant in the portal to “ active client “ and you do not need to do anything. Once you reach your target, the system generates your commission and shows it in your account. If this is a payable sum, then you can claim it from the system and we will process the payment for you immediately. ( By bank transfer  , Cheque or PayPal )


Please remember that you can keep a potential client in your list for maximum 14 days. After 14 days if you could not make a deal, it will be removed from your list automatically and you will never be able to list that particular client again and should give up and let others try it.


However, if you drop it manually yourself within 14 days, then you can add it again after a week.


The portal shows all history of your marketing efforts, successes or failures as well as your payment history. Please note that the portal does not have a desktop version.

About these guidelines


These guidelines are general introductions to Menumiz about the way it works, the way it is useful and the way it could be sold.  Also, These guidelines help fresh marketing promoters who might have not any marketing experience to learn how a product is marketed and finally sold in the market. These guidelines are provided to part time or casual sales and  marketing persons or promoters who join MyMenumiz team via the global Portal only.






Universal Apps Pty Ltd or any its affiliates or representative companies shall bear no responsibility on any damages or loss  resulting of misunderstanding or misusing of this guidelines . This is at your discretion to research and learn about what you may need to know in a particular situation. These guidelines and the concepts described here are just our recommendations as per our understanding and also valid about our products only, they may not come true if you follow them for marketing or promoting another product.