Frequently asked questions

What is the Menumiz App?

The Menumiz App is a mobile app available in iOS and Android and is part of the Menumiz comprehensive restaurant management system. This App has a scanner for users to scan QR codes in restaurants and retrieve a digital food menu, however, the app adapts with MyMenumiz marketing schemes QR code and is used to start job application as well.

Who is eligible to apply for MyMenumiz marketing scheme?

Any student aged 16 and above who owns a smartphone (Android or iPhone) and is legally allowed to work part time according to the local law where he/she lives as an independent contractor.

Which countries the scheme is offered in?

MyMenumiz marketing scheme is a global service and is available in any country where Menumiz service is available in restaurants. However, we may not have started marketing in your country yet. Please subscribe to our newsletter or social media to be informed when the scheme is available in your country.

How much can I make by selling Menumiz?

It depends on two factors, firstly the scheme designed for your region where we may offer high commission or low commission subject to our marketing strategy and secondly, it depends on your effort and marketing skills. We have designed the system so that one person will be able to reach at least a target once during the validity of the scheme by only working one hour a day. However, the target may be challenging in capital cities whereas there are many sales persons trying to compete you.

My scheme has a target of 5 restaurants but I have only 4 in my basket, will I get paid any commission?

No, Unfortunately the scheme is strict on target achievement. It will not be fair to pay commission to a person who has not completed his or her quota whereas others have worked hard to completed thiers.

I have 18 active clients and my target is 10 , shall I get commission for all?

No, if the target is 10, you will get paid only for each completed target (here 10 or 20 or 30) and not part of it.

How long does the application process take?

In countries where the scheme is running, it takes 3 business days but in new markets, we may start collecting applications first and then approve them which in this case, it may take longer.

Is it mandatory to join MyMenumiz seminars or webinars?

It is not mandatory, but technically if you do not know how the system works, there would be no purpose in becoming a Menumiz sales person. We recommend you attend the events to be in the loop of know-how of Menumiz and its upgrades. However, learning and following the safety guidlines of MyMenumiz is compulsory.

Where can I log in to MyMenumiz portal?

MyMenumiz portal is integrated with your account in the Menumiz app. Once we approve your application, you will notice some new features in the app menu and some more options and privileges to use the app as a sales person.

I had 5 potential clients in my list, some are missing now, what happened to them?

The list holds the clients for 14 days only. If you cannot make a deal with them, the system will remove them from your basket automatically aftre 14 days and gives the chance to others to try.

Can I re-add the deleted restaurants to my list again?

If the client has been deleted automatically by the system, you will never be able to add it again. but if you have removed them from the list manually, then you can add them again after one week as long as no other promoter adds it to his or her list by chance.

Can I delete a restaurant from my potential client list?

Yes, but you will not be able to add them again for one week. (you need to wait one week to be able to add the same restaurant again – but there is no guarantee that within this one week, another person does not add this restaurant to his/her list)

Can I share a client with another independent contractor?

No. we do not consider a shared client and our system technically does not have this option.

When can I claim my commission?

To claim your commission the below conditions must be met:

1: You should have completed at least one target quota.

2: Your active clients in the target must stay with the system for at least 15 days

3: You should have provided your bank details or chosen a payment option

NOTE: In some countries , there might be a minimum claim amount policy in place to make it worth an international transfer.

Can I get my commssion in a thirdparty bank account?

No, the commission is paid to you only.

How many restaurants can I list in my potential clients basket?

You can pick up to 5 restaurants as your potential clients at a time, to add more you have to remove old ones from the list or make a deal and have them as active clients.

Can I add a food cart as a client?

Any legal person who runs an eatery business could be a client as long as there is a registration number and a tax ID.

Where can I promote the Menumiz system?

You should promote it only in the allocated market according to your scheme. It could be your country , your state, your city or even just your post code area. Please check the scheme you have chosen to know what is the market allocation.

I have applied for the scheme which is running in our city, why I was rejected?

Rejection of an application might be due to many factors which some are highlighted below:

1: The market is saturated with promoters and we have stopped adding new ones.

2: All existing promoters have listed most of the restaurants already.

3: There are many promoters in your address.

4: We have not found your application genuine.

5: You are not a student.

6: It is too late and the scheme is expiring soon.

However, you may apply for new schemes once available.

Will you send me a Menumiz T-shirt?

We may send some promoters a T-shirt to wear while promoting our products.

I cannot add restaurants to the system anymore, why?

Probably the scheme is expired. Please check the scheme details.

Why I have received slightly less than the exact commission amount in my account?

We do not absorb the transaction fee, exchange rate difference, bank or PayPal charges. You have to pay for these charges and that's why what you receive will have some deductions by your bank.

Where can I learn more about the Menumiz system?

Please visit and learn about the platform. There is a wiki page , FAQ and also many videos on how the system works on the net.

Is there a desktop version for the portal?

No, The portal is app based only.

Should I pay tax on my commission?

This is at your discretion to check your taxation and make sure by receiving your commission, you will or will not reach the taxable income threshold. However, we may ask for your tax ID or ABN if you are marketing in Australia.

Is joining MyMenumiz scheme considered employment?

No, this is just a part time, freelace casual marketing commission hiring for independent contractors or freelancers only. We will neither consider you as our employee, agent or partner and nor will provide you with any allowance, salary, insurance or benefit.

Can I switch between schemes?

Yes, if there are available schemes then you are able to switch between them. However, if you switch scheme, your uncompleted target in previous scheme will be reset and you have to start from zero in the new scheme.

Can I resign from MyMenumiz schemes?

Yes, you simply delete your Menumiz account and it will remove all your data including the portal info from our system. However, you will not be able to claim any unpaid commissions after you delete your account.

What is Menumiz?

Menumiz is a platform as a Service ( PaaS ) which provides comprehensive restaurant management system on cloud including POS and a mobile app for the restaurant's customers. please visit to learn more about Menumiz system.

What is MyMenumiz?

MyMenumiz is a part time sales & marketing scheme for students only to promote and sell Menumiz system to local restaurants where they live as independent contractors or freelancers.

Can I have a franchise restaurant in my list?

No, Mymenumiz schemes are not meant for corporate marketing. A franchise or a chain restaurant is not considered a local business and falls under corporate marketing.

Does Menumiz support chain restaurants or multi location restaurants?

Menumiz system currently does not support multi location businesses and considers each location a seperate entity. We will be adding this option in the newer versions of the platform soon.

Shall I get commission if the restaurnt in my list joins a Free Plan?

YES, Free Plan users are currently considered as a deal and you will get paid commission if they just sign up for a Free Plan.

How does Menumiz finance the commssions and what the source of this relatively high commission is?

We do not pay commission from our pocket! The commssion is almost equivalent to one month subscription fee paid by the restaurants. Technicallt the restaurants will be the source of your commissions , however, we just take the risk and pay you before we charge the restaurants or before making sure whether the restaurant will remain under Menumiz during trial or will drop it.

Why I cannot add a restaurant to my list?

You cannot add this restaurant / bar becasue: 1: It might be registered with Menumiz already 2: Another freelancer has added it to the list 3: You have deleted it recently form your list and is on 7 days cooling period 4: You have failed to make a deal within 14 days

I had a successful deal but it did not appear in my list?

Most probably you have added a restaurant out of your scheme zone and you won't get paid for such restaurant. Please remember that you have to make sure the restaurant you add is within your allowed market. (e.g. post code , city, state..)

The information in FAQ is just for general knowledge. Please read our terms and conditions carefully should you need clarification on our services. Also refer to the context of the " how it works?" page for more technical information on using the portal. We bear no liability against any damage arising from misunderstanding of the FAQ.