MyMenumiz casual part-time sales & marketing and promotion schemes are international casual part time hiring vacancy  plans offered by Menumiz and empowered by Universal Apps  Australia to assist students earn money by promoting and selling Menumiz services where they live as freelancers or  independent contractors.


We are trying to outsource our sales and marketing to people who not only can do it better than us but they require extra income for their education. We believe that students are the best app users who can promote and share apps and also take it to the future as they are up to date of current generation's trends. We trust them, we listen to them and we make it for them. 


MyMenumiz is a fully  online and app based portal developed by Universal Apps and we have done our best to make it as simple as possible to apply and collaborate with us. 

Please visit http://www.menumiz.com to learn about Menumiz system.