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Empowered by Menumiz

Mymenumiz, a casual marketing scheme that helps students to earn some money by selling our services under MENUMIZ  to local restaurants or bars where they live as freelancers or independent contractors.


   MyMenumiz casual part  time sales & marketing or promotion  schemes are international casual part time hiring vacancy  plans offered by Menumiz and empowered by Universal Apps  Australia to assist students earn money by promoting Menumiz services where they live.

How it works?


  The portal enables part time or casual contractors apply and join Menumiz marketing schemes globally. We will  also help applicants  learn on how to handle the promotion and marketing as well as how the system works. However, the portal is app based and not available in desktop version.



   MyMenumiz marketing schemes include several global promotion or sales & marketing plans based on casual or part time commission contracts for students which may vary country to country. Each scheme consists of a market, a target, a deadline and a certain commission structure (pay) . 




To apply for the available MyMenumiz casual and part time marketing scheme, please install the Menumiz app on your phone, register an account with Menumiz and then scan the QR code below by the app and start the application process. ​Please note that you would need two devices , one to display the QR code and the other one to scan it, otherwise , you have to  print the QR code and scan it. 

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If you are visiting this website on your mobile , you can directly apply by clicking on the tab below.
You may need to install the App first.
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